Top Transfer allows you to make the reservation in two ways

1) Online Booking
The Customer makes a Booking for transfer request directly via the Booking Tools.
To make a Booking via the Website, the Customer:

  • Select Pickup Location and Drop Off Location
  • Select Number of Extra Passengers. Fix price include up to 5 passengers. The maximum number of passengers in each vehicle is 11 person.
  • Select Date and Time of pickup. Attention the time of pickup should be Athens Time.
  • Provide passenger detail like Full Name, Phone number, email, Flight number (if you are booking a transfer from Athens International Airport), Pickup or drop off address (example the name of Hotel or your accommodation)
  • Provide billing details like First name, Last Name, Country, Street Address, Town, Country, Post Code.

With Booking Tools customer cant make booking for transfer, and standard trips.

2) Bank Trancasction

Top Transfer gives you the opportunity, apart from its standard itineraries and tourist packages, for which the payment is conducted online, fast and easily, to request offers for other itineraries that are not included in the standard package.

  • Below you will find a form, where you choose the destination you are interested in, as well as fill in some basic contact details.
  • As soon as we receive your request, one of our partners will send you the offer, as well as the bank account for the transaction of the required amount.
  • Once the payment is made, as soon as it is confirmed by the bank, our partner will confirm the reservation and send you the details of the trip (vehicle plate number, name and contact details of the driver).